Friday, December 31, 2010

Budget Review, Last Two Weeks of December

I'm not gonna lie. I didn't keep track.

Bad Kandice!

We spent five days at the in-laws, so I didn't cook. But, while I was there, I visited the farm where I get my fresh dairy and stocked up on cheese. Tomorrow is an Urban Acres pick-up day and I earlier in the month I bought a Groupon for organic meat.


Here's what I remember:
  • Groupon, $35 (for $75 worth of meat)
  • Texas Daily Harvest, $58 (for a zillion things of cheese, yogurt and milk)
  • Texas Daily Harvest, $39 (delivery of milk, cream, organic pasture fed ground beef and NY strip steak)
  • Whole Foods, $71 (produce, buffalo, fish, soy milk, pork loin, apples, apple sauce, flour and yeast for making bread, etc.)
  • Urban Acres, $50 (produce share to be picked up on January 1st)
I was pretty close to the budget, but went a little over. Part of it was used in holiday baking, too, so that was extra that isn't typical.

The pantry and freezer are now almost completely devoid of anything non-organic or overly processed. I've got a few boxes of regular dry pasta and hamburger helper, a couple of frozen dinners and a few remaining bags of those frozen microwaveable rice and veggie combos. All in all, the house is nearly clean from a processed food standpoint.

I still have to do a sweep for the leftover Christmas candy, but I'll do that once school starts back up.

I feel pretty good about the food in the house. I know we can stick to the $110 a week budget and eat healthy, clean meals. Snacks, however, are a challenge so I'm on a mission to find something my kids, especially the picky eater, will enjoy.

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  1. the holidays make it really tough to stick to the budget!