Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Stephen and I have the most generous parents ev-ah! I am so excited about all of the neat-o kitchen gadgets I received for Christmas. I can't wait to experiment with my new bread maker, dehydrator, hand blender and various kitchen tools!

Those fresh herbs in my Urban Acres share will be able to be dehydrated and saved for later use. I can also make homemade (non-corn syruped) fruit leather and dried fruits for snacks. I can make homemade bread now with a list of ingredients I can pronounce. And smoothies and fresh soups are in our future.

We are so, so fortunate.

But most importantly of all, in our family we celebrated. We celebrated being together. I relished the time I spent with my grandmother and having four generations of my family in one house. I am grateful for the time with my husband's family and the fact that my kids have cousins they are super excited to see. And we celebrated a very important birthday. Happy Birthday Jesus.

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