Friday, December 17, 2010

Not Pretty, But Pretty Tasty

I made "stoup" in the crockpot the other night and had some for dinner tonight. All I did was put the following in a crockpot, turned it on low, and cooked it for 8 hours:
  • Buffalo stew meat from Whole Foods
  • Chopped broccoli stems
  • Frozen corn (purchased from the store)
  • Frozen greens (collard and kale) from my freezer
  • Frozen squash from my freezer
  • Pearled barley from the Sprouts bulk bin
  • A can of Muir Glen diced chipotle tomatoes
  • A can of tomato sauce
  • A box of Imagine vegetable stock
  • A dash of chipotle seasoning powder

I added some spicy chili sauce and a slice of the Texas Daily Harvest Texas Cheddar Cheese. With the exception of the corn, all of the vegetables in the stew came from previous Urban Acres shares. Everything was organic.

I made too much, so I'll have to freeze some of it for later lunches.

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