Sunday, December 5, 2010

Texas Daily Harvest

When I first visited the Urban Acres store, I picked up a gallon of fresh milk from Texas Daily Harvest. It was so fresh and unprocessed, the cream actually rose to the top of the container. My family loved it.

Well, Texas Daily Harvest will start making deliveries and we're signing up for one of their delivery groups. Here is the information for Home Delivery if you want to sign up:

Time to Find Your Delivery Group

Click here to go the the map of the Group Coordinators that have been set up as of today.

On the map, choose the drop location(s) most convenient for you. The green markers are confirmed, the blue are tentative. It would be best to have at least one green site on your list. Reply to this email with your name, phone number, and group choices in order of preference. Just use the group numbers for simplicity, please. I am working over-time getting the online ordering system ready to go. It will allow everyone to order and pay online. Group coordinators will NOT have to handle payments.

If you have friends who might be interested, please forward this information to them. Post to Facebook, Twitter, your neighborhood message board, anything you can think of to help us get the word out, please.

We are delivering in some outlying East Texas areas, too, as you can see from the map, so if you know anyone in the Tyler, Longview, Marshall area, please send this to them, also. We have milk, yogurt, and cheese available now.

We will have beef in the next couple of weeks, then pork around February, then produce, chicken and eggs next Spring/Summer.

We need more group coordinators, so if you think you might have any interest in being one, please call Kent at 903.335.1758 or reply to this email with your questions. We are really excited about getting home delivery up and going. Thank you for your interest and support of our farm.

Ramy Jisha
Texas Daily Harvest

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