Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laptop Lunches Times Three

I had fun packing lunches in the kids' new Laptop Lunches. If I'm being honest, though, the later in the week we got, the less creative their lunches got.

On Tuesday, we had homemade ramen noodles (I'll post the pictures of the lo mein I made to go with it later) with organic italian cheese blend, organic cage free hard boiled eggs with a Texas Daily Harvest colby cheese star, organic cheese crackers and organic fruit salad. The tiny container is trail mix with chocolate from the Whole Foods bulk bin.

The next day we had homemade french toast sticks using leftover homemade whole wheat bread, a clementine, organic sweet potatoes, popcorn and half of a Clif Organic Twisted Fruit. In the tiny container is maple syrup from the bulk bin at Whole Foods. Not much protein in this lunch, now that I look at it.

My son, the picky eater, doesn't like sweet potatoes, so I made some homemade organic french fries from the potatoes in my last Urban Acres share. We had these french fries with our dinner the next night.

For dinner on Wednesday night, we had baked pasture fed beef new york strip steaks and homemade organic french fries. I took some of the leftover beef and made steak fingers for the kids' lunches. I also packed a clementine, organic cheese crackers, organic vanilla cookies and decidedly non-organic ketchup (still leftover from my processed food days -- but it's almost gone).

The kids were pretty happen with their lunches this week and not a lot came home uneaten.

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