Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Shopping Trip Report - April 8, 2012

My total this week was $154.80. My Texas Daily Harvest order will be delivered Tuesday and I made a trip to Sprouts.  They had a great sale on strawberries this week, so I stocked up.  They go bad really quickly, so we ate some fresh and the rest we sliced and froze for use in smoothies.  If I wasn't hindered by my back injury, I'd figure out how to make some homemade strawberry preserves.  Oh, well.  Another time.

Texas Daily Harvest, $40.47
  • 2 dozen eggs ($10.00)
  • 1 pound beef breakfast sausage ($6.99)
  • 1 pound ground beef ($6.49)
  • 1 pound of bacon ($9.99)
  • Local honey, 16 oz. ($6.00)
  • Delivery Fee ($1.00)
Sprouts, $114.33

  • Bakery, $7.37  (wheat bread, french bread, pizza crust)
  • Bulk, $5.98  (almond toffee granola, brown rice, pretzels)
  • Dairy, $21.86 (yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, soy milk, cows milk, orange juice)
  • Deli, $9.23  (shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, sliced turkey)
  • Meat, $22.56  (shrimp, salmon, chicken, pork sausage)
  • Frozen, $5.98 (ice cream, frozen corn)
  • Grocery, $20.24  (crackers, canned beans, pasta sauce, tortilla chips, italian soda)
  • Produce, $20.74 (strawberries, clementines, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, avocados, spring mix, bananas, grapes)
Other Stuff

I'm not sure when the CSA delivery will start (in a few weeks, I hope), but we had to pay a $25 planting fee, plus the last two weeks $68, in advance. I'm not including this $93 in my total for this week.

I also got a notice that there was a Whole Foods gift card on Plastic Jungle available.  I bought a $500 gift card at a 3% discount, so for $485.  I haven't received this in the mail yet and will be using it to pay for my groceries over the next month or so.  These don't come available very often, so I jumped at the chance.  $15 is $15, right?

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