Sunday, April 1, 2012


The farm (Texas Daily Harvest) from which we buy our organic dairy, grass-fed beef, pork, chicken and eggs is going to have a CSA this spring and summer.  I'm really excited.

For $34 per week, we'll get a large share of seasonal, organic, local produce.  They've promised 20 weeks worth of produce (although they may not be consecutive weeks depending on production.)

For those who have been reading my blog, we previously got an every-other-week share from Urban Acres.  We loved it, but it was every two weeks and super heavy on the greens and not as much fruit.  I'm hoping the CSA will be a little more balanced.

I might only have to go the grocery store once every couple of weeks this spring and summer. We should be able to get our dairy, eggs, meat and produce from TDH.  The only thing we'll need to get from the grocery store will be bread, snacks, grains, flour, sugar, spices, fish, nut butter and deli meat. I should be able to do that every two weeks.

Most everything I need on a weekly basis can be purchased from Texas Daily Harvest, including organic coffee and local honey.  Plus, I like knowing we are supporting local farmers.

I can't wait to see what we get in the CSA share!

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