Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank God School is Back in Session Lunches

I was ever so grateful to be packing lunches tonight. Seriously. Like, really really thankful. I'm pretty sure I'll have to restrain myself in carpool tomorrow morning. I might just hop out and give the teachers a huge hug right before I jump back in my car and speed off. Just kidding. Sort of.

4 snow days in row? I'm done.

My son's is on top: Organic apple slices, a packet of Justin's honey and peanut butter, organic parmesan cheese from Texas Daily Harvest, some mixed nuts, organic apple sauce with cinnamon sprinkled on top, and a couple of mini chocolate peanut butter cups (non-organic, totally disgusting).

My daughter's: roll-ups made with Applegate Farms turkey and mustard on Whole Foods southwest tortillas, organic parmesan cheese, the mini peanut butter cups (she probably won't eat them, honestly), organic apples sauce with cinnamon, organic apple slices, and mixed nuts.

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