Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Lunch Post

There may be another snow day tomorrow.

*Insert sound of crazy person screaming.*

In denial, I packed their lunches anyway. I prefer to call it unbridled optimism.

Starting from the top left and going clockwise: organic potatoes, pan fried in some olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice, ketchup, steak baked in the oven with some bbq rub seasoning on top, homemade cashew nut butter cookies, and fresh organic orange slices.

And, if school doesn't happen, then their lunches are ready for them. Once I break up whatever fight is inevitably going to happen when they get on each others nerves. Again. Just like last week.

Did I mention I hope there isn't another snow day? Why can't we have Mommy Goes to the Spa Day? How about one of those?

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  1. First off, awesome lunches. Next, what an amazing auction for Write Hope! I didn't see your email on your profile, but I'd love to join your crit group. No experiences with them, but I'm very willing to learn. :)

    Marie Rearden at The Flying Cheetah