Friday, February 4, 2011

Comfort Food

Today we got slammed with at least six inches of snow, maybe more. That translates into comfort food.

I made the Whole Foods hamburgers and served them with the organic potato chips. The grill is out of commission, so I baked them instead. They were a hit. There will be leftovers, so either someone can eat hamburgers for lunch this weekend or I can use the beef in something else.

I found out today that the Texas Daily Harvest delivery has been cancelled, so that amount ($41) will go into next week's budget. I'll have to run to the store tomorrow to pick up a few things. No big deal. I'll be way under budget this week. Next week? It's an Urban Acres week, so I'll probably be on the upper end, if not a little over.

Aside from a trip to Colorado in 1995, I haven't seen this much snow since my high school days in Canada. I'm totally over it.

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